Oleo-Calcareous Liniment - Nappy Change Lotion

13 Mar '17

Episode eight: Canelle and Morgan interviewed by Little Box of Love

Little Box of Love  loves  Petit Kiddo...  and here is us in the "MUMLIFE MINI SERIES-Day 5..

mumspreneurs behind Petit Kiddo




What is your amazing business?

We are Petit Kiddo and we have created an all-natural rinse-free Baby Bum Cleanser. It is the Australian version of the French parents best kept secret. It is a 3in1 product - it cleanses, moisturises and leaves a protective barrier that helps prevent nappy rash. Our Baby Bum Cleanser provides an eco-friendly alternative to single-use wipes.

What is your goal for 2017?

Our main goal this year is to reach greater awareness of Petit Kiddo within Australian carers: parents, child care centers and maternity wards. We want more people embracing a healthy, natural and eco friendly way of cleaning their baby’s bum.

What do you like to do to relax? 

- Canelle: Relax….mmmmm...does getting lost on instagram count? I think not, so if I’m tired, I read - in French- or, if I need to clear my head, I listen {very loudly} to Jamaican music, from rocksteady to reggae, or 90’s French hip-hop and dance. Chatting with my girlfriends is also a life saver! In person with my "crew" here or via Whatsapp with my childhood soul-sisters from France. 

- Morgan: When I have time to relax, I like to go for a walk or chill out at a nice cafe with brunch. I also enjoy going for a massage, or just stay in a cosy place with a good glass of wine...

Your favourite family friendly holiday destination and why? 

- Canelle: I love the pacific islands. So far we have been to Fiji, New Caledonia and Vanuatu. People are adorable, my kids can live wild&free and mainly...naked! Landscapes are gorgeous and it is not as far as going back home! I love going to France but it is quite an interesting journey each time; I come from a little village “hidden behind” Cannes and St Tropez, summer there is simply gorgeous…..

- Morgan: Around Australia, that would be going to Fij for ultimate relaxation and snorkelling. In Europe, it is either Italy ( Art, History, Culture and food…) or the mountains, either skiing or summer randonnées in higher lands…

Your favourite child friendly cafe? 

- Canelle: I’d say Shuk as they are in my area and there is a kids’ area but my all times fav’moccha is at Piadina, in my street!

- Morgan: It used to be Jed’s but I have now to second Canelle with Shuk!!!

What is your motherly advice to other mums reading this? 

- Canelle: Do your best, listen to all advices you will be given - and there will be loads- and then decide what suit you and your fam bam. Don’t try to make your point with people giving you advices, it is a lost battle (this includes my advice ;)). And it’s ok if your kid go without a shower, if you are too tired or busy... 

- Morgan: Trust yourself, trust your motherly instinct especially when you are a first time mom…Many of us think we don’t know anything because it is a first time but that is so wrong!!! And One advice if I may… Keep your kids away from screens…. They will have their entire adult life to be in front of screens… let them enjoy simple things for now

Source from the interview by Little box of Love



10 Feb '17

Episode seven: they talked about Petit Kiddo...

How Petit Kiddo helped easing ezcemaA few months ago, we "virtually" met Mel, a very keen user of Petit Kiddo Baby Bum Cleanser Liniment. 

... Later, she contacted us to write about us, Petit Kiddo, and our "one-of-a-kind" Baby Bum Cleanser Liniment

This article is a good reminder that Petit Kiddo is doing the right thing, for the right reason. By introducing such a gentle and natural baby bum cleanser+moisturiser+barrier in Australia, more and more carers come to understand the importance of the ingredients in what the product they use for their kids as well as the impact it has on the environment. 

It takes time to change habits, no doubt, but once converted, carers never go back to using wipes! We are getting heartwarming feedbacks from our early adopters.

We thank Mel again for her great article that we take as a testimony!

To read our interview with Mel from Healing Gracie's Gut blog, click here

08 Dec '16

Episode six: we met Marie-Camille

A testimonial for Petit Kiddo from a French mum we met recently, Marie-Camille.        Not a friend - yet!- we only bumped into each other - at a French wine private sale          - hehehe-  She is a newbie in Australia but was living for a couple of years in New Zealand and in few other countries before. So French roots with traveling wings.

French in Australia

"When my daughter was born (11 years ago) my best friend sent me a 500 ml bottle of baby Liniment as a gift! She had had it for her 4 kids and loved it! The smell/fragrance, the texture were so new to me. I poured a bit on a cotton pad and started cleaning my daughter's cute little bottom with it. I was immediately conquered, she never ever had a rash in 4 years of using nappies! The fact that it's 100% natural made me feel good too, all those baby wipes never inspired me...So if I have one thing to say: go for it and tell your friends!".

What Marie-Camille omits to say here, is that she had a son 6 years later when living overseas and they didn’t get the chance to have any liniment oleo-calcareous for him. She’s missed it a lot and when we told her about our Petit Kiddo project: making an Australian version of the French baby liniment, with local ingredients and organic olive oil...you should have seen the grin on her face - and on mine to be honest.
It feels good when you explain what you have been spending your time on and it does resonate!  

16 Nov '16

Episode five: more about Canelle

oleo calcareous liniment from France to OzI am a French mum in Bondi.
I’ve been happily living in Australia for the last decade.
I’ve had my 3 beautiful, gorgeously healthy kids here. “A la natural” as we like to say it: all drug free, despite 2 of them being ultra chubby, my girl was even born in the water.
I love them, I miss them when they are at school/ daycare, they drive me nuts when they are around...   I have a pretty normal life.                                               
Originally, I come from a small village in the South East of France.
Not exactly Provence, not exactly the Southern Alps and not exactly Cannes or Saint Tropez nor the Riviera. Somewhere in between. And this is where my happy childhood lives. For ever.
Where olive trees, lavender, jeunets and cicadas are.
This village, Seillans to name it,  before living “for and with” tourists from all over the world, built its “glory” on a perfume and fragrances factory. Some of the best roses essences for Dior and Chanel  were made there. 100s year ago.
This era is long gone*, never new it personally, despite what my kids tend to think: I didn’t meet dinosaurs either..

Meeting visitors from other countries and continents made me want to travel, often and far. This is partially how, the father of my kids, - also a childhood friend but not a high school sweetheart- and I ended up living in sunny Sydney.
10+ years in and I am trying to finally mix the 2 parts of me.
Do I miss France? Not really. Not at the moment. Not anymore.
I would love to have my family and childhood/sister-like friends near me. But this is not their plans, yet. I haven’t said my last word on this.
I’m not homesick.
However, some days, I wish I could go down the road, to the shop and buy the products I know all my friends are using for their kids.
And all their mums before them.
I occasionally miss the roots, the traditional way of living back there.

I guess globalisation is not total and I can’t blame it.
That’s what creates diversity. And I love it. I adore it.
Anyway, that is a bigger subject..
Back to my kids life and what I miss from the country where I grew up.
Bread is getting really good now in the area, crepes are at each and every corner in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney, cheese is good too, fashion is definitely getting better …
So what do I need?
When my first bub was born I was offered by my mother -in-law, a large bottle of Liniment Oleo-calcaire.
A bottle of what? Even for Frenchies, it is unpronounceable.
A lotion, you squirt on a cotton pad and clean your baby’s bum.
No wipes, no chemicals, and no lukewarm water spilled.
You squirt, you clean and you put the fresh nappy back on. Et voila!
You know the saying, “ if the mountain won’t come…”
I have been doing this lotion in my own kitchen for my own kiddos for years.
I now have a "little bit" of time, energy and focus to realise that this is something other mums in Australia don't know they are missing on.

There comes the original idea for creating my own baby liniment: Petit Kiddo Baby Bum Cleanser.

*note that it’s actually coming back. More on this subject soon.

30 Sep '16

Episode Three: the magic of our baby bum cleanser liniment

Posted by Canelle LEFORESTIER in Petit Kiddo
Baby liniment test

Petit Kiddo Baby Bum Cleanser is our very own Australian version of the French beloved Liniment Oleo-calcaire. This is an old times’ French formula.
Used on babies' bums, it has demonstrated fabulous results:  cleanses, moisturises and helps preventing red bums and nappy rashes.

What is it?

The version I was doing in my kitchen is simple:  mixing oil and lime water  (also known as calcium hydroxide solution) in equal doses for a few minutes, in a blender.
This makes a thick ivory coloured cream. The colour and consistency will vary depending on the oil you choose to use.
And there you are: your oleo-calcareous liniment is ready to be used.
Transfer into a sanitised bottle.
Use it as often as you would use wipes.
This homemade version lasts for a week and it is important to shake it at every single use!

How to use it?

Shake it,
Squirt some liniment on a cotton pad or a wash cloth,
Wipe your baby’s bottom with the pad,
Use the pad to remove the excess of liniment. A thin layer of olive oil will remain on the skin, acting like a barrier.
That’s it. No rinse required.

How does this work ?

What happens when you mix our 2 main ingredients?  There is a “chemical reaction” similar to  when you make a bar of soap  called saponification.
Both the calcium hydroxide solution and oil disappear to create a new component, a natural surfactant, which has incredible cleansing properties.
The pH of our liniment, like a “moisturising/ ultra rich soap” is basic and will balance perfectly the acid pH of the urine on the baby’s bum skin,. For better protection, do not rinse.
Oleo-calcareous liniments have been used for decades on babies’ bums in France and have shown outstanding results, however, skins are all differents, it is always recommended to patch test before use.
This was a crash course on how to make your own, but you can also get our already made Liniment Baby Bum Cleanser here.
Should you need to learn more about liniment in general, this website is a gold mine: http://www.oleassence.fr
Mind you though, it’s in French. You could use your web browser translator but trust me, it doesn’t always make “real” sentences.