Oleo-Calcareous Liniment - Nappy Change Lotion

About us

Baby liniment Petit Kiddo foudersBondi friends, French born and Australian at heart; Mums of 6 kids in total, we want the best of our 2 countries, starting with the way we care and raise our children.
Petit Kiddo Baby Bum Care Liniment is inspired by a time honoured French recipe. Our mothers used it, our friends are still using it for their kiddos.
Our first borns turned 10 in 2016 and only now is this natural wonder available to Australian parents and carers.
Industrial wipes are not the only option when it comes to changing your baby’s nappy.
We have worked with a great Australian team to make a local, natural and safe "cleanser & moisturiser" for your babies and kiddos from their youngest age.
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