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26 Oct '18

Be nice to our planet and even kinder to your little one: Ditch the Wipes.

Posted by Canelle LEFORESTIER



Europe is finally considering to ban single use plastic  Yay! but we have a long way to go on the wipes front. 

Wipes are not flushable, even if said so, they DO NOT dissolve. It’s a FACT.

Read the article below about the poor workers of Charleston (South Carolina)  who had to dive 30m down a sewage pipe to remove congealed wipes of all sorts.

They had to take a bleach bath with their wetsuit still on after their mission. EEeeeerk.

Yes, because not only are they clogging pipes but bacterias will develop on the fatbergs…. Sorry but this is gross and potentially dangerous.

It is time to stop this and revert to a better nappy change routine.

Yes, we hear you, “ but we do not flush our wipes” but throwing them away in landfill can’t be any better. Imagine the fumes when incinerating them!

There is no #planetB my lovelies, we need to take care of this pretty cool one.

If you don’t do it for the planet, nor the skin of your cherished ones, you might do it for your $$ co’s guess who is paying for broken pumps and all the additional work involved...us, you, taxpayers.

We can all change this. #ditchthewipes

Check here the latest damages caused by baby and wet wipes in America.


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