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02 Sep '16

Episode One: Il était une fois...

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Baby liniment story

Il était une fois, in Bondi/Sydney, a mum-of-3.

She changed more nappies than she could have ever imagined.

She cleaned more bottoms than she ever thought could be possible.

In Australia, her best friends quickly became the mighty - but nasty - wipes; with almost no other options to get her babies’ bum poo-free.

She heard the midwives when they recommended “water” but who has time to get the optimum lukewarm water - with no spillage - when your baby cries for her milk, has a stinky and sticky poo and her siblings are starving/ fighting/ running/ painting/ waiting..

She knew there was an alternative solution.

French parents don’t use wipes; or at least not only, not all day, not on their newborns.

French parents, use an ancient and time honoured lotion, based on a recipe coming from Southern France.

One squirt of this magic potion on a cotton pad will make the skin of any babies bottom clean and soft.

All the mums out here can now buy it in Australia.

Inspired by this French recipe, Petit Kiddo Babies Bum Cleanser was born in Bondi this year. This is my 4th bub. All the ingredients are natural, made in Australia and tested on many generations of French “derrières”. 

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