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30 Sep '16

Episode Three: the magic of our baby bum cleanser liniment

Posted by Canelle LEFORESTIER in Petit Kiddo
Baby liniment test

Petit Kiddo Baby Bum Cleanser is our very own Australian version of the French beloved Liniment Oleo-calcaire. This is an old times’ French formula.
Used on babies' bums, it has demonstrated fabulous results:  cleanses, moisturises and helps preventing red bums and nappy rashes.

What is it?

The version I was doing in my kitchen is simple:  mixing oil and lime water  (also known as calcium hydroxide solution) in equal doses for a few minutes, in a blender.
This makes a thick ivory coloured cream. The colour and consistency will vary depending on the oil you choose to use.
And there you are: your oleo-calcareous liniment is ready to be used.
Transfer into a sanitised bottle.
Use it as often as you would use wipes.
This homemade version lasts for a week and it is important to shake it at every single use!

How to use it?

Shake it,
Squirt some liniment on a cotton pad or a wash cloth,
Wipe your baby’s bottom with the pad,
Use the pad to remove the excess of liniment. A thin layer of olive oil will remain on the skin, acting like a barrier.
That’s it. No rinse required.

How does this work ?

What happens when you mix our 2 main ingredients?  There is a “chemical reaction” similar to  when you make a bar of soap  called saponification.
Both the calcium hydroxide solution and oil disappear to create a new component, a natural surfactant, which has incredible cleansing properties.
The pH of our liniment, like a “moisturising/ ultra rich soap” is basic and will balance perfectly the acid pH of the urine on the baby’s bum skin,. For better protection, do not rinse.
Oleo-calcareous liniments have been used for decades on babies’ bums in France and have shown outstanding results, however, skins are all differents, it is always recommended to patch test before use.
This was a crash course on how to make your own, but you can also get our already made Liniment Baby Bum Cleanser here.
Should you need to learn more about liniment in general, this website is a gold mine: http://www.oleassence.fr
Mind you though, it’s in French. You could use your web browser translator but trust me, it doesn’t always make “real” sentences.

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